• Short Break: Things to Consider When Booking Family Accommodation

    If you are considering a family trip, you might be wondering which of the many different options are best for you. Despite making it easier to book accommodation, the internet also offers a seemingly never-ending stream of reviews, videos and photos of different types of accommodation. To make your search easier, before you begin to search for the perfect accommodation, you should first work out exactly what you need and desire. [Read More]

  • Don't Fancy Hosting? How to Suggest to Guests That They Stay in a Hotel

    Whether it's Aunty Doris and Uncle Fred coming to visit from Adelaide, your mum and dad planning a 3-week vacation because they miss you, or simply your best friend from uni wanting to crash for a few days, sometimes people will invite themselves to stay at your house at a time when you really can't handle guest. If you don't feel like hosting for whatever reason but have put off bringing up the subject because of just how awkward it is, consider the following tips on how to tell your guests that they'd be better off staying in a hotel. [Read More]

  • Tips For the Caravan Travelling Newbie

    If you have just purchased your first caravan, or have only used it for short trips and are now planning a long excursion, there are some things you need to know first. You should be fully prepared for a long trip, from what to pack for food to where you can park along the way. Here are some tips to help get you started. Know Where You Can Park  First and foremost, you need to figure out where you will park your caravan during your trip. [Read More]

  • Planning a getaway for your wedding anniversary

    A wedding anniversary is a good chance to reflect back on the happy years that you have spent with your spouse and a prompt to spend some time reconnecting if you have recently had some more challenging times as a couple. Here are some tips to help inspire you in your planning process.  Choose a romantic location A romantic location is not the same for every couple. A couple that loves watching car racing might love a trip to the Formula 1 races in Albert Park, where a couple that came together over a love of wine might like a trip to Barossa or another wine region. [Read More]

  • 5 Tips for Booking a Beach Hotel with an Elderly Relative

    If you're going on a family holiday to a beach resort, you'll need to take a few extra things into account in order to accommodate the needs of any elderly relatives. One misstep could see them finding the trip more of a trial than a treat, so make sure you follow these 5 tips before you make a booking. 1. Enquire About Outside Space Elderly family members are unlikely to go into the sea due to the ocean's currents and their own poor footing, but nearly every hotel is going to have its own pool, so you need to make sure that the pool will suit. [Read More]

  • Different Ways You Can Purchase a Pub for Sale

    If you are looking to make a lucrative business investment, you may want to consider a pub for sale. However, opting to purchase a pub is not just about having the money at hand to do so. One thing most newbie purchasers do not realise is that owning a pub does not automatically mean buying it outright. There are several different ways that you can take ownership of a pub. Your choice would be dependent on the time you have as well as the amount of profit that you would like to make. [Read More]

  • Travel Chronicles | 3 Steps To Get The Best Monetary Value For Motel Accommodation

    Whether you're travelling on work or pleasure, you obviously need a place to stay. Lodging always seems to consume a large chunk of your travel budget even if you choose motel accommodation, which is typically cheaper than hotels. This guide arms you with steps to get even better value for your motel accommodation. Call The Motel Directly If you have a motel in mind for your trip, call them directly to get a better rate. [Read More]