Planning a getaway for your wedding anniversary

Posted on: 13 June 2016

A wedding anniversary is a good chance to reflect back on the happy years that you have spent with your spouse and a prompt to spend some time reconnecting if you have recently had some more challenging times as a couple. Here are some tips to help inspire you in your planning process. 

Choose a romantic location

A romantic location is not the same for every couple. A couple that loves watching car racing might love a trip to the Formula 1 races in Albert Park, where a couple that came together over a love of wine might like a trip to Barossa or another wine region. A romantic location is one that has positive associations for you as a couple and can just as easily be a traditionally romantic location as one that is less traditional. 

Choose some comfortable accomodation

Choosing some comfortable and romantic accomodation is another important step in having a romantic getaway. It's fun to find a boutique hotel that has comfortable and unique furnishings and a personal feel rather than a dull and cookie-cutter style of hotel. Finding the right type of accomodation can ensure that the weekend is unique and can help you to connect in a more relaxed way. It can be useful to head to a local tourist bureau to see if there are any unique local boutique establishments that can't be missed for your special weekend away. 

Plan some new activities

While it's fun to spend some time on your memories over an anniversary getaway, this can also be a good time to make some new memories. Why not use this as an opportunity to take some new activities on? You could try taking a hot air balloon at dawn, scuba diving a coral reef or hiking an unknown path. These activities can be romantic and help you form some new memories to reminisce about on anniversaries to come. If you aren't sure what local activities you could try, you can always ask the hotel as they are often familiar with the local tour operators and attractions. 

Planning a fun-filled and romantic trip for your wedding anniversary is a great way to earn some brownie points with your spouse as well as being a great chance to reconnect. By planning a great location and choosing the right accomodation you'll be bound to have a lovely and romantic time with your spouse.