Travel Chronicles | 3 Steps To Get The Best Monetary Value For Motel Accommodation

Posted on: 31 May 2016

Whether you're travelling on work or pleasure, you obviously need a place to stay. Lodging always seems to consume a large chunk of your travel budget even if you choose motel accommodation, which is typically cheaper than hotels. This guide arms you with steps to get even better value for your motel accommodation.

Call The Motel Directly

If you have a motel in mind for your trip, call them directly to get a better rate. Since you are able to speak to a motel representative immediately, you may get an exclusive rate that isn't advertised online. You may even be able to negotiate for a slightly better rate by speaking with the motel staff directly, which you certainly won't be able to do with an online booking. If the motel is empty during the time you're planning to visit, you can end up with considerable savings. If any events or conferences are influencing motel room pricing for the duration of your intended visit, you may even be able to make quick decisions for changing your staying dates if possible.

Ask For Refundable Rates

Motel room rates can fluctuate based on the availability of rooms at a particular time. The common principles of supply and demand apply here. For instance, when more people book motel rooms, the rate is likely to be higher and vice versa. If you're flexible with your motel accommodation choice, then you may want to ask for refundable rates. Make sure you double check that it is actually cancelable, especially if you want to make changes to your booking. It makes no monetary sense to book a non-refundable motel rate if you intend to make changes to your trip.

Monitor Price And Re-Book When Price Falls

Booking a refundable rate for your motel accommodation doesn't mean that your job ends there. Monitor the price of the motel room by checking online or calling directly every once in a while to see whether the rate has increased or decreased. While this step may require extra legwork, it has the potential to save you a lot of money. If you notice the rates falling, you can cancel your refundable stay and re-book for a cheaper price. If the price rises, you simply have to play the waiting game until something changes. If not, you've probably already got the best deal you could get from the motel. Just before you leave for your trip, be sure to call the motel once again. If large inventory is still available, you may be able to negotiate deeper discounts or complimentary facilities for your motel accommodation.

Follow these steps when you're looking to get the best monetary value for motel accommodation.